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I have followed Sophie’s work for many years and have always been struck by her amazing versatility and creative drive.  In the years following her time as a full time student at West Dean College, where she completed her degree in Fine Art, she has developed a very distinctive style and has continued to develop her practice, particularly with regard to land/sea and skyscapes.

Now working mainly in oil or soft pastel, she has been able to demonstrate her talent for capturing the essence of her subject with strong, bold mark-making and a dynamic colour palette. She builds the atmosphere and mood of her subject often over many sessions and sometimes returning to old work with fresh eyes and ideas. Whether it is a lone bench looking out towards a stunning vivid horizon or a tunnel of trees and undergrowth, it is both enriching and engaging.

She does not limit herself to the landscapes of Anglesey that surrounded her for much of her earlier life or in Surrey and now West Sussex, but uses these influences to feed her creativity and imagination. The results are stunning.


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